Family Rifts

Family Rifts
I see many clients who’ve called me for help with family estrangement issues after reading my book, “Healing From Family Rifts.” I’ve worked with clients in my New York City office as well as worked with clients from as far away as Australia and Japan who are interested in my therapeutic work in this area. Sometimes I work with just 1 individual and sometimes with a couple or family.

Clients who see me for help with family problems are often overwhelmed by anxiety and depression over their family’s disintegration, and I’ll firstly address these issues so that the client will be able to think more clearly and find relief from what can be crippling symptoms brought on by family rifts.

Intolerance is the single biggest cause of family estrangement and the root cause of family fights that may lead to estrangements. Intolerance is synonymous with prejudice and is manifested when one or more family members won’t accept other family members choices of lifestyle, be it sexual preference, marrying outside of one’s religion, race and ethnicity, Differing points of view, small mindedness, refusal to give up a grudge and being unforgiving are among the issues that cause family rifts.

I work with clients, be it in person in NYC or via Skype or Face Time all over the country and globally. I help family members or individuals by focusing on healing and prevention of family rifts and crippling dysfunction.

Among the issues I address and suggestions I’ll make are:
  • Do the right thing in your relationships with your family, i.e., do what you feel is the correct social, spiritual, and emotional behaviors.
  • Be the best parent/child/sibling you can be.
  • Treat your relatives like you’d like to be treated.
  • Focus on positives, strengths, and assets among family members.
  • Be proactive in creating mutually satisfying shared experiences among family members.
  • Teach and model tolerance, generosity, and gratitude whenever you have the opportunity to do so.
  • Diffuse divisiveness when you can.
  • Forgive, but protect yourself and do not forget.
  • Let bygones be bygones and encourage other family members to do so.
  • Bury the hatchet!
Whether you’re family problem is challenging or catastrophic, your efforts to heal these problems are not reciprocated by other family members, you would benefit from my expertise in this area.

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