Anxiety is part of life for many of us and the clients I’ve seen over the years range from those with mild to moderate anxiety (Generalized Anxiety Disorder) or full blown Panic Disorder, which can be crippling and terribly frightening when accompanied by Panic Attacks.

Anxiety is also present with most other problems. We see it accompanying depression, relationship problems, trauma, divorce, family conflict, and other psychological challenges for clients who’ve come to see me in my Midtown Manhattan office.

The three main treatment techniques that I use with my clients to help diminish anxiety are:

Behavioral Therapy
Behavioral therapy examines how you behave and react in situations that trigger anxiety. This understanding helps change specific actions and behaviors that aid in the reduction of the symptoms of anxiety. Another behavioral technique is exposure therapy that gradually exposes patients to what frightens them and helps them cope with their fears.

Cognitive Therapy
Cognitive therapy teaches patients to think and react differently to the situations and bodily sensations that trigger anxiety symptoms and sometimes panic. Patients learn to understand how their thinking patterns contribute to their symptoms and how to change their thoughts so that symptoms are less likely to occur. Most problems are not catastrophic, but many people think they are. Using cognitive therapy techniques people can learn to stop “catastrophizing” and this will immediately reduce anxiety.

Deep Breathing, Guided Meditation and Mindfulness If you suffer from excessive anxiety, worry, and fear, you can profoundly benefit from practices of mindfulness, deep breathing and guided meditation

Mindfulness-Based Meditation is designed to help people who suffer repeated bouts of anxiety, depression and chronic unhappiness. It combines the ideas of cognitive therapy with meditative practices and attitudes based on the cultivation of being present and mindful. You'll experience more adaptive ways of coping and reducing stress, fear, depression and worry.

These techniques fall within the realm of alternative and complementary medicine which rejects traditional psychopharmacological treatment and stresses healthy holistic living with an emphasis on exercise, yoga, meditation, deep breathing, diet, and lifestyle to promote healthier and safer adaptations as well as tools for reducing anxiety and depression.

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